Friday, April 1, 2011

Sampler Quilt 2011 - Week 12 - Ohio Star

The Ohio Star block is made from squares and quarter square triangle units. There is more than one way to make quarter square triangles, however, in order to use the strips as efficiently as possible, I'm using the companion angle ruler to cut triangles from strips. You'll be using the background and accent fabrics.

Background fabric: Cut 4 - 2½ squares. Cut or use a 1&frac12: strip for instructions below.
Accent fabric: Cut 1 - 2½ square. Cut or use a 1½ strip for instructions below.

Quarter Square Triangle instructions

  • Match the background and an accent strip right sides together and cut 8 pairs of quarter square triangles with a special quarter square triangle ruler, also known as a companion angle ruler.
  • Keep triangle pairs together with background fabric on top and long side on the bottom to sew in the correct direction.
  • Sew the right short side with a ¼ inch seam.
  • Press toward accent fabric.
  • Match the sewn pieces right sides together (be sure that opposite fabrics are on top of each other.
  • Sew a ¼ seam on the long edge.
  • Press seams to one side.

Ohio Star finishing instructions

Layout pieces as shown in diagram and chain piece together first rows, then columns using a ¼ seam. Press seams to one side.

You can find a fabric calculator for the Ohio Star block to make different size blocks and different quantities of blocks using the square method to cut pieces.

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