Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sampler Quilt 2011 - Week 11 - Pinwheel

The Pinwheel block is made with 4 half square triangle units using 2 fabrics, background and accent fabrics.

Cut two 3⅞ inch squares from each fabric.

  • Match one square of each fabric right sides together.
  • Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on wrong side of lighter fabric.
  • Sew ¼ inch seam on both side of diagonal line.
  • Cut units apart on drawn diagonal line.
  • Press seam to one side.
  • Repeat with remaining squares.
  • Makes 2 units per square pair.
  • Make 4 half square triangle units.
Layout pieces as shown in finished block and chain together first rows, then columns using a ¼ seam. Press seams to one side.

To make Pinwheel blocks in different sizes and quantities, see my Pinwheel fabric calculator.

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