Monday, February 7, 2011

Friendship Watercolor wall hanging

Last week I started a Friendship block quilt breaking up each unit into smaller pieces. There are 256 - 2 inch squares and half square triangle squares using roughly 40 different fabrics.

Watercolor quilts always intimidated me because I am not very fond of spending a great deal of time moving pieces around for the desired effect. This quilt was much easier because I just choose 8 fabrics for each quilt quarter and lined them up dark to light then laid them out in diagonal rows.

I think jelly rolls or honey buns would work well with this quilt as long as you could get a good mixture of light to dark fabrics.



  1. I love your work. The colors you use are amazing. I am practicing to make the bright homes table runner but have a problem with the instruction of the on point nine patch.
    This water color friendship quilt is next on my MUST MAKE schedule. Thank you for sharing your works of art.

  2. I meant bright Hopes not homes sorry.