Monday, January 24, 2011

Other Friendship block layouts

You can use the Friendship block as the basis for a watercolor quit layout. I'm working on one using 256 - 2" squares and half square triangle units. Fusible grid interfacing will make layout and sewing easier plus once you get it laid out the way you want it, fuse the squares to interfacing and you won't have to worry about something or someone rearranging your them.

Another simple way to dress up your block to make a stained glass version. Make a 12 inch or larger block and sew black bias tape on all the color change seams. Then add a thin black border or binding to finish off the effect.

To do this block in a micro mini quilt, you would want to simplify the block some. In this method you sew a half square triangle unit to measure 2 inches square including seam allowances. Then cut a 1-1/4 inch square of accent fabric. Lay it right sides together on background fabric triangle corner. Sew from small square corner to corner. Trim excess to 1/4 inch and press toward outer unit corner. Make 3 more of these units to complete a 3 inch block. Then make as many as desired for your small quilt.

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