Monday, January 17, 2011

Bright Hopes - Other layouts

The Bright Hopes block can be used for more than simply a block in a quilt. Break the block pieces up into smaller squares and you can have a scrappy watercolor style quilt with large blocks.

This block also is great as a border. Depending on the way the blocks are turned in the border you get fun effects. Play with the direction of the border blocks until you like it.

What quilter doesn't have orphan blocks? Rather than doing a plain sampler quilt, Use the Bright Hopes block as a background setting for those lost blocks.

Finally, Jinny Beyer seems to create many of her quilts by using a fairly simple block and breaking it up into either smaller pieces of the original block piece or using strip sets from which to cut the large block pieces. Here's an example of what could be done with the Bright Hopes block using strips sets.

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