Friday, July 22, 2011

Sampler Quilt 2011 - Week 27 - Shoo Fly

The Shoo Fly block is an old classic and fits a 3 by 3 square grid. Ours will use 2 fabrics, although this simple blocks doesn't have to be simple.

Shoo Fly calculator is available for different size and number of blocks for your own project.

Fabric Instructions

Background: From 2½ inch strips, cut 4 squares and 4 half square triangles.
Medium Fabric: From 2½ inch strips, cut 1 square and 4 half square triangles.

Half Square Triangle Instructions

Cutting: Using a side right triangle ruler or template, cut half square triangles. Move ruler/template upside down for next cut when necessary.

Sewing: Sew ¼ inch seam on long side of triangle pair. Press seam to one side.

Finishing the Shoo Fly Block
Layout Shoo Fly block as shown. Chain piece together using ¼ inch seam, sewing first rows, then columns. Press seams to one side.

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