Friday, February 17, 2012

Garden Quilt Along - Dragonfly

Dragonfly blocks
The Dragonfly blocks are made in three patches within four patches. The Finished block measures 6" by 12".

Fabric Cutting Instructions
Background Fabric
Cut 8 – 3 inch large squares.
Cut 8 – 1¾ inch small squares.
Cut 2 strips 1 inch wide. Sub cut into 4 – 5½ inch rectangles and 4 – 12½ inch rectangles.
Cut 1 strip 1½ inches wide. Sub cut into 2 – 5½ inch rectangles.
* If you wish to use sashing to complete your quilt, keep a small strip at least 6½ inches long and as wide as you think want your sashing to be.
Dragonfly Wings (from each of 4 fabrics or other combination)
Cut 2 – rectangles 1 ¾ inches by 3 inches for each dragonfly.
Cut 2 – 1¾ inches small squares for each dragonfly.
Dragonfly Body
Using template or create your own, cut 4 dragonfly bodies.

Dragonfly Wings
Using 1 small square each of background and a dragonfly wing fabric, sew together into 2 patch.
Using coordinating dragonfly fabric rectangle, sew to 2 patch. Make 2 from each dragonfly fabric.

Dragonfly blocks
Using two coordinating wings and two large background squares, sew together four patch.
Applique dragonfly body diagonally using your favorite applique method.
Make 4 blocks, measuring 5½ inches square.

Finishing up
Sew 2 dragonfly blocks together with a 1½ inch by 5½ inch background rectangle between.
Sew a 1 inch by 5½ inch background rectangle to the top and bottom of dragonfly pair.
Sew a 1 inch by 12½ inch background rectangle to both sides of the dragonfly pair.
Repeat for the other 2 dragonfly units.
* If you intend to use sashing in your finished quilt, leave dragonfly pairs unsewn.
Each dragonfly pair should measure 6½ inches by 12½ inches.

Embellish at will!

Happy Quilting,

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