Monday, September 16, 2013

Go Forth and Share!

I was recently contacted by salvationarmypatchworkeasyas for permission to use the patterns on website, which I was happy to do and those ladies sure can quilt.

It did bring to mind that although I'm happy to share the quilt patterns from the website, with permission of course, because of the way I create the pattern calculators it isn't as easy as sending a single file. Each quilt block pattern calculator I create has javascript to change the size, number of blocks, and even method of piecing as well as fabric type, along with numerous graphics I make myself. I even designed some simple digital fabric for easier viewing on the computer as well as to not step on fabric makers toes.

So how can you use the pattern calculators? You of course can link to any page you wish. If you want to show the whole page with the ability to calculate, the simplest way is to link to the page you want in a frame or iframe on your website or blog. If you want to use a particular setting for a pattern (i.e. size, method), in the Chrome browser, select print, destination = save as pdf, then save. You will then have a single pdf file for the settings you choose. Lastly, you can print the patterns with your desired settings and even use them for your quilt guild or group, please leave copyright and website intact.

There are also a few widgets available which are about 400 by 185 pixels that can be inserted on your website or blog for quick calculating the amount of fabric needed for half square triangles, squares and rectangles.

I know quilters love to share and create, so go forth and share :)

Happy Quilting,

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