Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick Hunters Star Throw - Part 4


  1. If the number of binding strips are greater than 1, sew strips together by laying ends right sides together forming an L.
  2. Sew on diagonal where fabrics cross from upper left to lower right.
  3. Trim excess to ¼ inch.
  4. Repeat to make a continuous strip; press seams open.
  5. Fold and press strip lengthwise in half wrong sides together.
  6. Leaving a 5 inch tail, sew binding to quilt top matching raw edges with a  ¼  inch seam allowance.
  7. Stop  ¼  inch before corner with needle down.
  8. Pivot work as if to sew next side and reverse sew off quilt top.
  9. Fold binding back, creating a 45 degree fold, then fold forward matching fold to previously sewn side.
  10. Continue sewing binding, and repeat above for each corner.
  11. Stop sewing approximately 5 inches from beginning.
  12. Unfold and overlap ends.
  13. Cut at an approximate 45 degree angle somewhere where both ends overlap.
  14. Match ends wrong sides together, leaving equal dog ears.
  15. Sew together with a  ¼  inch seam allowance.
  16. Refold binding and finish sewing to quilt.
  17. Fold binding to back and hand stitch to finish using a blind stitch.
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