Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quilt Sandwich

Getting a quilt ready to be quilted is a very important step in how it will look when it's all finished. The first thing to do is to lay backing fabric with right side down and tape sides, top and bottom taunt. There is very little stretch on the straight of grain.

Next, tape the corners taunt also. When doing so, be careful not to overly stretch on the bias.

Lay the batting on top of the backing and smooth out any wrinkles. Make sure batting is mostly on backing rather than hanging off on any one side. (Optional) tape in place also. Some batting is slippery and can cause puckers when quilting. To keep batting from slipping, spray baste batting to backing and quilt top.

Lay quilt top right side up on batting/backing and make sure batting and backing stick out on all sides of quilt top.

When smoothing top out, square blocks and borders, pushing excess toward middle. This will help quilt lay and hang better and hide any imperfections in block or border size. Quilting will take up excess fabric.

Pin baste all layers together about 4 inches apart or the width of your fist. Start by pinning centers in both directions.
Finish pin basting the rest of the quarters.

Gently remove tape and now your quilt is ready to be quilted.

Happy Quilting!

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