Monday, January 16, 2012

Garden Quilt Along - Flower Pot

The Flower Pot block is a picture block and measures 9 inches by 12 inches finished. You will need 7 fabrics (left) or 4 fabrics (right) plus templates for the flower pot base and seedling leaves. Unless otherwise notes, all seams are ¼ inch. Refer to diagram for fabric piece placement.

Fabric 1 - sky:
A. Cut 2 rectangles 3½ by 4 inches.
B. Cut 1 rectangle 4½ by 3¾ inches.
C. Cut 1 rectangle 2½ by 7 inches.
D. Cut 2 rectangles 1¾ by 8 inches.
E. Cut 1 rectangle 1¾ by 7 inches.
Fabric 2 - marker:
F. Cut 1 rectangle 3¾ by 3 inches
Cut 1 rectangle 1 by 3 inches for stick.
Fabric 3 - flower pot
G. Cut 1 rectangle 1½ by 7 inches.
H. Cut 2 rectangles 3½ by 4 inches.
Fabric 4 - grass and seedlings
I. Cut 1 rectangle 2½ by 9½ inches.
Cut 2 rectangles 1 by 3 inches for stems.
Cut 4 squares about 1 to 1½ inches and cut a leaf shapes from them.
  1. Stack pieces A wrong sides together with H pieces also wrong sides together.
  2. Place stack on cutting mat with longer edges on the top and bottom.
  3. Cut a diagonal line from lower right corner to upper center.
  4. Layout pieces as shown in diagram and sew H pieces to A pieces; press seam toward H pieces.
  5. Trim the H pieces 3½ inch side to make A/H units 5 inches wide.
  6. Sew A/H units together; press seam to one side.
  7. Sew piece I to A/H/H/A unit; press seam toward I.
  8. Sew piece B to piece F, press seams to one side.
  9. Fold and press stem and stick fabric pieces in thirds wrong sides together lengthwise.
  10. Using the B/F unit for a placement guide, pin stems and stick to piece C (raw edges will hang over). 
  11. Sew stem and stick pieces to C fabric piece close to folded edges either by hand or machine.
  12. Sew E, B/F, C and G pieces and units together; press seams to one side.
  13. Sew D pieces to sides of unit E/B/F/C/G; press seams toward D pieces.
  14. Sew top unit to bottom unit; press seams toward top unit.
  15. Sew leaves on stems using your favorite applique method.
Happy Quilting

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