Thursday, January 28, 2010

ABC Quilts (At Risk Babies & Children's Quilts)

What ABC Quilts are...
ABC Quilts (At Risk Babies & Children's Quilts) was founded in 1988 by Ellen Ahlgren, to give love and comfort to at-risk babies in the form of handmade quilts, and to use this process to promote awareness, community service and prevention education. "At-risk" was defined as those babies born HIV-positive, affected by their mother's drug or alcohol abuse while pregnant, or abandoned. The international network of volunteers has delivered over half a million quilts since ABC Quilts was founded. American Mothers became involved with ABC Quilts in 1992, when its founder, Ellen Ahlgren was named the New Hampshire Mother of the year. In 2006, American Mothers adopted ABC Quilts as a National Project. Quilts are made and donated by people of all ages, and all skill levels. The completed quilts are distributed to local hospitals and agencies that deal with babies and children at risk. --American Mothers, Inc.
I have been making ABC quilts for a local guild drive each February for about 5 years. It's a great opportunity (excuse to make quick quilts and practice skills with the added bonus of having a home to send them to. We try to keep them at least 36" and not more that 45".
This year I was thinking that a quick and easy way to make these quilts would be to make a 1 block more or less the size of the quilt. So here are the instructions for the first single block quilt I'm going to make:
Starflower block
Background fabric - (4) 10 1/2" squares & (4) 10 7/8" squares
Flower fabrics - (4) 10 7/8" squares of each fabric
Half square triangles:
  1. Match (1) 10 7/8" square of each fabric (see pairs below)right sides together.
  2. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on wrong side of lighter fabric.
  3. Sew 1/4 inch seam on both side of diagonal line.
  4. Cut units apart on drawn diagonal line.
  5. Press seam to one side.
  6. Makes 2 half square triangles.
Make 4 half square triangles each using background and flower fabrics and 4 using both flower fabrics.
  • Sew block together as shown in layout with 1/4 inch seams.
  • Sandwich in pillowcase style - batting, backing right side up and top wrong side up.
  • Sew edges 1/4 inch leaving an opening to turn right side out.
  • Hand stitch opening after turning.
  • Top stitch around entire quilt about 1/2" and quilt as desired.
Have a great day!

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