Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things I learned about quilting

Quilters are probably always learning of new ways to do things, at least new to them and here are some things I've learned that have helped me tons...

Sandwiching and quilting: A guest on Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts (whose name escapes me now) showed how to sandwich a quilt smoothing the seams, borders and blocks square, pushing excess to middle. The quilting will take up the slack and your quilt will be square, and hang better.

Example of Peaky & Spike block
Template piecing: This kind of piecing seemed impossible until again I saw a show on Simply Quilts, where the guest showed how to match 2 templates right sides together and trim corners slightly so that fabric pieces are easy to match together when sewing.

Bonnie Hunter scrappy quilts: I'd already accepted that scrappy quilts are awesome, but Bonnie takes to a whole new level of fun at with great ideas for getting a handle on your stash to using anything and everything. She say's that if you still think the fabric is ugly, you didn't cut it small enough. Visit her site tons of ideas.

Here is the latest addition to Quilt Genie calculators - Double Irish Chain

Have a great day!

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